Mediators & Mediation Services

Rigorous Preparation. Creative Solutions. Persistent Follow-Up.

It is the power of difference that only an AAA LEGAL mediator can provide.

In an era of unprecedented business disruption, timely dispute resolution is critical. In-person, virtual or hybrid mediation by an experienced AAALEGAL mediator provides an effective alternative to lengthy litigation.

At AAA LEGAL, mediation is not limited to a few hours or a day of meetings. It is a process, one that our mediators and case managers excel at. From pre-mediation calls and preparation to post-mediation follow-up, we work diligently every step of the way to help all parties reach the best possible outcome to their dispute.

As the world’s preeminent provider of mediation services, we have drawn on more than four decades of experience to successfully resolve tens of thousands of cases of all types and sizes. Learn more about our broad range of practice areas.

Mediation Process Proficiency

AAA LEGAL neutrals are on the case long before the day of mediation and don’t consider their job done until settlement is achieved. They are dedicated to the entire mediation process, from reading the written statements to final execution of the settlement agreement.

Pre-Mediation Calls

AAA LEGAL mediators often provide parties the opportunity for pre-mediation calls to discuss:

  • how to craft a mediation process tailored to your dispute
  • when the mediation should take place and who should attend
  • how to exchange information and whether opening statements will be allowed
  • issues the mediator should be aware of that are not included in the written statements

During the Mediation Session

Using their extraordinary interpersonal skills, AAA LEGAL mediators listen closely to all perspectives, quickly evaluate party dynamics, and establish rapport, leaving ample time for them to focus on:

  • what issues are in dispute and what might motivate each party to settle
  • making candid observations when appropriate and assisting both sides in assessing risk, overcoming impasse
  • pursuing creative, collaborative solutions that are consistent with the facts of the case and geared toward preserving mutual interests and ongoing relationships
  • ensuring that all parties trust the process and feel they have been heard and that all reasonable prospects for settlement have been considered
  • guiding parties toward resolution


If all issues are not resolved during the mediation session, AAA LEGAL  mediators are tenacious and follow up to keep parties engaged in the process and focused on resolution. They will persist until the case settles or every conceivable option has been exhausted.

Efficient, Affordable ADR

We offer affordable hearing formats, including half-day options, for every dispute. AAA LEGAL mediators have demonstrated their ability to resolve cases promptly and efficiently, providing significant savings of time and expense.

Responsive Case Management

AAA LEGAL case managers—many of whom have strong backgrounds in the law—receive ongoing training on legal and procedural issues. Known for their excellent customer service and efficiency in convening mediations and keeping them on track, they are also astute at helping parties select the mediator who best fits their needs.